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  Amendments Proposed by the President to the Constitution of the Republic and the Rationale for the Proposals
14 February 2005

MDP's philosophy - A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth
+ Those who gathered near the People's Majlis on 1st August 2005 are the same people who go around everywhere, trying to build up civil unrest and cause indefinite damage to our mental and physical well being. These are people who are being used by the MDP to promote their self interests. If more people would think about where their own interests lie and what they are doing, they will not be following the same pattern of expression. Ofcourse, they are just mere puppets for the time being.... more >>



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Sappe slams the Moslem world
by an unknown Maldivian
+ Why hasn't Sappe published anything about the death of Yasir Arafat? Does he have a personal grudge or ethnic problem with the Moslem and Arab world? OR, is it because Sappe gets a lot of physical support from Tony Blaire? But, Tony Blaire and George W. Bush sent messages of condolences to King Fahd's family and to the people and government of Saudi Arabia... more >>



Mrs. Falah should have thought twice before giving her interview to Minivan Radio
by an unknown Maldivian
+ This article is in response to the interview Mrs. Falah gave to Minivan Radio on the 29th of July 2005. It seems very much that Mrs. Falah (Aishath Najeeb) is unaware of “cold case files”. Did Mr. Falah not commit a crime in 1998 by assembling a number of prisoners in a prison cell? Why was he taken to the prison in the first place? Why didn't she specify the reason that Mr. Falah was taken to the prison in the first place (back in 1998)? ... more >>



What are ‘THEY' offering you?
+ They say that there is no democracy, or the commitment to build a democracy. They claim that civil and human rights are being blatantly and systematically abused. They play down all the good things that have materialized over the past 27 years as a fluke, and bellow that anything undesirable in the period is the result of mismanagement, corruption and inefficiency of the ‘cronies' in the government. Also, they beg that what remains to be achieved can only be achieved by getting rid of the government and gifting power to them ... more >>



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MDP & its activities… an Insult to the Intelligent of all Maldivians (Part-II)
by unknown maldivian
+ First of all do you know what the media freedom is? One thing you said is very true, press censorship is almost impossible with the modern technology.  Any freedom should be with limits. In your article you quoted the controversial Indian author Salman Rushdie. Well, Do you know why he is controversial? Did you know in his book that he offended all Muslims and our Prophet Mohamed! I assume you have heard about Prophet Mohamed ... more >>



MDP & its activities… an Insult to the Intelligent of all Maldivians (Part-I)
by unknown maldivian
+ I wonder if democracy & freedom of expression is mistranslated in your dictionary. By the way use Oxford Dictionary for proper translation. So according to you, Freedom of Expression is, your right to publish baseless lies and rubbish. Do you know the damage that you cause to your own country's Tourist Industry. Is this how you are being a patriot? ... more >>



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Sappe Now Making Dhivehi Observer as the Holy Bible  
-Machine Head-
+ Sappe's interview to Minivan Radio expressed the public to feel that Sappe wants to be the Maldivian High Commissioner in Malaysia. He very well made readers of Dhivehi Observer feel that Moosa Latheef's detention in Malaysia was only taken serious by the Maldivian Government after he published the letter Moosa Latheef's friend sent to Dhivehi Observer ... more >>



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Munavaru, Sood and Muizz(Banday)Legendary Objectives
+ Munavvaru came to the position as Attorney General a powerful position of this country. However does we are blind how he practiced as attorney general of the country, no he got his own objectives of getting lavish financial life as much he can achieved within his power. He got poor humanskills to be a leader in his office he treated second class to high grade lawyers and every morning when he comes to office high blood pressure as well moody face for morning brifing brings very cloudy day to every staff of Atorney general office .... more >>



Ashraf Mahir - wannabe
-Machine Head-
+ Ashraf Mahir is also a member of the Maldivian Democratic Party and also a member of Sofwath's gang (Maldivian Linux User Group). Ashraf is generally known as primary0 around his friends and that's his official IRC nick since 1999-2000. Ashraf played an important role during the development of the Disaster Management Centre website; this was when he supported the Maldivian Government ... more >>



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[ clIscfwt ]...eveaItEgnea



Readers comment
Plagiarism at its best
+ A lot of rumours have been spread during the past few weeks that MDPs manifesto is a direct copy of the Russian Democratic Party's Manifesto. Having read this allegation in comments of few websites, I have taken time to search the web, and having found these have printed them and found that the rumors were in fact true. For reader who have their doubts please compare the documents yourselves. They are available at the following links... more >>



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emcnea OtukWk IkwhIm ilufua Wvuawd iawguTOk
[ clIscfwt ]...?eveaWbilWlwb csevukwrwhwf




Sappe Does It Again!
-machine head-
+ Sappe continues updating his lying machine. Will this ever end? According to his saying the police are using tear gas, riot gear and stun-guns! And again, the articles are written in English to fool and confuse the outside countries as usual! This again shows that he is more concerned in misleading the foreign countries about the way they think about the Maldives ... more >>  



Protectors of the Nation or Protectors of Criminals and Gangsters?!
-Minivan Fo#-
+ It is true that the MDP had become really famous. Famous in terrorizing our nation and protecting the people who terrorize it. It is not hard to understand! Every body knows quite well that MDP is one hell of a party! In fact, it is the only party that is fighting to gain the Presidency, and Power of the Maldivian nation... more >>  



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[ clIscfwt ].....eveSwncnutiycawr



Dear Muslim brothers & sisters
+ We would like to make you aware about the dirty game that MDP is playing to win hearts and minds of our people with the help of weekly magazines and other propaganda media to get political power to rule this country according to the instructions from their foreign financiers. We humbly request you to give your valuable membership signature to a party that is based on Islamic principles. If you have already become a member of MDP just consider leaving this party at the earliest ... more >>  




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The wicked action of Ali Shiyaam (formally known as 3A), Munnavvaru, Sood and Muizzu
+ Dear disgrace and irresponsible fellows dont think you could be smart in fighting and giving back what you guys has done to our community. Ali Shiyaam, you better involved in learning tourism industry of Maldives as managing the resorts that your parents worked and given to you today. You should be taken your time to mange your company. Did you ever looked yourself the way your company manages the resorts and the way you treat to your employees.... more >>



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Sofwath: Maximum Exposure
-machine head-
+ Sofwath also built a data base of many Maldivians living in Colombo for the Maldivian Democratic Party when the organization was first formed in Sri Lanka . However, he later traded the same data base for the Maldivian High Commission in Sri Lanka , the Foreign Ministry nor the Maldivian High Commission in Sri Lanka was aware of this. He not only betrayed the Maldivian Government, he cheated the Maldivian Democratic Party too ... more >>  



-urudea ihevid-

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cnunEb udwaim csog cSwairuk cnutwkcawswm
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[ clIscfwt ]... cnegiawLwa




-cmWyix udwmchwa-

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iaWaWyinwa Wdcnumebil cSwncnutiycawr umcaWa
OtcnegevcaIk ILEnwSuh cSwmuleb cawtcnulcaeg
[ clIscfwt ]... ?eveaOtEdefuaun caelWvus




Dr. Waheed, Is he prepared to convert Maldivians to Christians?
-machine head-
+ On the 1st of August 2004 a democratic forum was held in Colombo at Galle Face hotel. Some 80 students studying and many other Maldivians living in Sri Lanka attended the forum as well as several reporters. This forum was in no way organized by any group of Maldivian students in Colombo and it was a setup prepared by the Maldivian Democratic Party to get the attention of the Maldivians in Colombo ... more >>






Where are we heading?
+ MDP's call for the resignation of Pr.Maumoon is childish. Anni who is leading this call himself is no amature in politics, nor is ignorant of our current constitution. However one may see, Pr.Maumoon has been elected according to existing laws at that time, and he has every right to complete him term. MDP will do well to organize themselves and prepare for the next election. Until then, they can definitely bring good changes through negotiations and clean political pressure, without resorting to slander and violence... more >>  







IkwhUnim InEvenub iawfWlwb cSwkwtcnuyil eguhUnim +
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[ clIscfwt ]...evemwk caehUn




Marnie Latheef: The Reality…
-machine head-

+ Marnie Latheef is a daughter of Mohamed Latheef (Gogo). Marnie is also an active contributor and supporter of the Maldivian Democratic Party. It was very recent when Marnie and her elder sister Jeniffer Latheef who were accompanying Sarah Mahir at Tusculoosa Café in Male', two men who were traveling in a motorbike threw a packet of engine oil aimed at Jeniffer Latheef and it splattered on Marnie Latheef.

She was very embarrassed and humiliated over the issue; however she had very little that she could do among the laughing faces at Tusculoosa Café ... more >>







Maumoon shall remain in power: DRP
-Staff Reporter/hatharudhan-

+ The statement reads: “There is no legal reason nor any political reason whereby President Gayoom should step down from office. It is less than two years since he was elected to his present term by a vast majority of voters. He is constitutionally obliged to undertake the duties and responsibilities of President that the people of this country have charged him with.

“More than three years of that term for which he has sworn an oath, still remain in front of us. He is remains fully committed to faithfully executing his functions as President with integrity.” ... more >>





-wycawa wDuk-

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cnutogim .evemwnWlWgcnih caerwzwnwDuk cSwaeret
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WdcnumwyikuDWf ukwywbwnig cSwrwv urWhim
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+ Current Members of Parliament must remember that all of those elected by the people have been elected by the people as  INDIVIDUALS and any tendency for them to play party politics in our Parliament would amount to them dishonoring the oath they took to be loyal to the public.  

Most members have clearly crossed this line now. The main reason which is delaying the new Constitution is Members not being loyal to their electorate. If the members kept the electorate as their first priority, the work would have neared completion now... more >>



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[ clIscfwt ].....eveawfWvwTcSwf Inwv



Sabra Noordeen: The Reality…
-machine head-

+ Many of you might not know or have heard of the name Sabra Noordeen. She is a niece of Mohamed Nasheed (Annibe), the so called chairman of the Maldivian Democratic Party. She is just 18 years old with big ideas about politics and the way of life in the Maldives.

Of course all of her articles are impressive, yet she is a student at Sussex University and did her schooling in Colombo , Sri Lanka . For an 18 year old Maldivian girl, she has had great achievements like getting drunk big time at Blue Elephant (Colombo Hilton) and Glow (bar) and eventually ending up in bed with her “Overseas School of Colombo” friends... more >>




Email to the Editor
"Truth stands out like a light for those seek for it"
-by Ahmed-
+ "Truth stands out like a light for those seek for it". Unfortunately for Ladies like Ms. Najeeb, it must be the symptoms of mid-life crisis. Now in her 40s, she has yet to start a family like a responsible human being. How can a person who has never experienced responsibility ever in her life fight on behalf of all others! May GOD keep leadership away from unworthy “leaders”! ... more >>



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[ clIscfwt ].....eveawfWrutwf caerwbwK Inwv



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-urwbwK eguhwf-
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cSwDob cSwrwv urwswa egumulehcnibim cSwncnuhIm ibit iawgukwt
caeaImWnus cnubwbws egumulehcnibim .eveaevcSwmwk unuverukcsWscKia
Inwv cnukwtctWrwf EhebWmusUm egunWpwj urWzcnia egumwkenWdidefua
iawg 7.3 cnuDnwgcnim wTckir Ikwnim urWb egumulehcnibim .eveawfId
cSwaejcaWr cnubwbws egumuleh cnibim .eveaebil utWmUluawm cSwmwk
egumulehcnib im .eveaevelebun cSwkwmwk enWfcaok caerwswa egImWnus
Wlwb Inwd cnurWkurws Otirukurwswa egEa cSwkwtcSwr iriawk cnubwbws
egImWnus cSwkwmuawq csevcaea iriawk cSwnwtWhim .evencnumwvurWycawt
iawgumwk irukun cSwaejcaWr urwswa egImWnus .eveaevuniawfcaokcaerwswa
Eheb WmusUm cSwmwkenWdev caemwk wdwf cnulufua urwvwyid cswyiv
udet urutia EhebWmulehcnibim .eveaed utWmUluawm cnukwtctWrwf
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DRP- the first non-violent Political Party in Maldives!
-By Hatharudhan.com-

+ On Thursday, Maldives got its first proper political party, the DRP – a party with an elected leader, a party with nation-wide participation, and a party with an unequivocal commitment to the constitutional road to democracy. It is also the first non-violent party in Maldives.

Of course, MDP got registration last month. But MDP thrives on a commitment to direct action. When Nasheed gets a live microphone and starts screaming about blood banks and vampires, he is drawing attention to the murderous feats of Sikka, the godfather of MDP.... more >>



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cnehea cnegiawvcaWb iawgcaetWrwfcaea utwsWyis
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egIp.ID.cmea InidWfuaitcsia cmizWn cnehcnwa
cliscnuawk egIp.ID.cmea ctwkcawswm egukwtifog
cnegiverukun cSwrwvWvcnunEb cnia
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egcnurwTiDea egukwtcsUn iaWncnuhIm Wyil cnutog
caemwkcaea WviawfevcSwkwa Wvukwx egudwbwa
iawgcTcnemelWp Iaea .eveawfWvcaed cSokulcawH
cnutogEheb Wkwa wlwscawm Wdcnumwgih csuhwb
ctoa iawfiLea cSwmuruk uLWf ulWyiK cnirevcsUn
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iaWtwkcawswm Wvcawruk cSwmuvcawruk Iqcawrwt cnwkirevcsUn
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wnwv 15 egudiaWvwq Eheb iaWmurukuAiaWx itekwt wdwf WlcawjwmcsUn
cnuhIlijwm iLehwSuh cSwhIlijwm cnutiycawr Inwncnoa iawgWdcaWm
caemwkea cnegiLug Wkwawlwscawm wtwvun caelib wncnoa iminun caetog
wdwf WlcawjwmcsUn cnutog egumuaikuDWf udem Wkwmwkea csIneminun
iaWSwmwk caemwkWnwm IkwmurukuaiaWx caeCcaea csevcaea iawgIteket
.eveSwmwkenELea uLwvwyif InUnWq wmwnifcSokulwmwa cSwfWliKWaea



The arrival of Dr. (Thumbs Up) Waheed has given MDP splitting yet another headache
By -Sun Reef

+ Dr. Waheed’s credentials are not known to many locals, but his hunger for power has been hard to ignore. While the foot solider in the MDP think that Dr. Waheed’s arrival has strengthened the Party’s position, the core group, which has been clinging on to all the key Party posts, is less enthusiastic.

“The arrival of yet another megalomaniac is the last thing MDP need at the moment. Anni’s revolutionary bandwagon is running out of steam, and they have been forced to talk policy”, noted ... more >>



IrcTcsijwr iawgutog egcaeaITWp IsWyis +
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ITWp egcnutiycawr ihevid uhwfcSwmurukwmwhiruf
cSwa IrcTcsinim cmOh cSwmuruk IrcTcsijwr
[ clIscfwt ]....eveawfWLwhwSuh Inwv urWhim



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Wmuvegcnih cawtIrcTcsinim iawgulwdwbim .evekekwtulwdwb
ulibWq cSwrwv cSwmwk IkwncnuLufEbEb WviawfWvcawruk ulWvwh
[ clIscfwt ]...evenIqwy cnwkcaeLokcnuLufEb



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cSwkwtulUsua ctencaeawmwl caeawmwh egIp.ID.cmea
ulWvusim cnukwtWlcawjwm csUn caeawb WvirevigWv
ukwmwkea .eveTcauhwbea cseviawfWdcawfua
cnunEb cnlwb ubWvwj IgIgwh egulWvusea
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iawgItwm cSwrwv InwvurWhim ITireluaipop egurWkurws unUmuawm
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caelIscfwt wDuk egIm .evetWnWyiK
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egcnutiycawr wtwvun cTcnemwlWp egumuawg iawguLwviDnwdim
.evetWrwf WrukWdwa caercvwd uDobemcnea iawgumwkim IkwhIlijwm
egcnutiycawr egEjcaWr .evencnurwbcmem iretctwzcaia eguhIlijim
cSwmuvemnin csilcjwm caekwt cnurwbcmem iretctwzcaia eguhIlijwm
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iawgEret egukwtctwvWb egIDwmwlwf IkwaiDwmukur +
cserwtwh ,urwvcaea uLoked ,uLwk cSwrwv Enemih
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IkwaiDwmukur idwa .evekeCcaea ugid
uLwgwr iTcaev cnuDcnwb csogiawfihudua
caeCcaea Evehej cSwlWH wlcaimwa csevcnutWrwf
eLua iawgukur IkwaiDwmukur cSokumcnWa .evenUn
[ clIscfwt ]....evekeCcaea WvurOk cmWrwH cSwkur



cnegignea ctwgIgwh egumwk uriaWkcawd caeawkwhWv +
unWfegurwmua .eveairevidcaub cnukcaed wkwhWv
iawgcaeawlwscawm egunwr iawgumwk WfIlwh
cnubWvwj ivurea cSwnWfegurwmua ukwnehcnwa
enub Eyejcaiveruk wdcauh cnugcnih ITWp IsWyis
csevcnumuvcaed umIswn EaIb cKEx Wvutwf InId
ivegcnen cniaWsidWh ea cSwkwtogcnok Iaea
caebWvwj cSwlWvus unuveruk OtcaelIlwd
[ clIscfwt ]....evenuvcaedud



ivcaEb iawgumwlWm inifcnud Er eguhwvud urihinoh +
IkwaWDcnejea uDwgiawm iawgWsclwj egIpIDcmea
Wgcnih cnwaiviDclOmwd iaWa cscviDclOmcTckef
cswmwkcnudOh utwmUluawm cnutogEhebiaWmudOhcaeawb
wlwt iawgubWvwj egulWvus iruk cfIrwx WTOvwm .eveaejcaev
cnegebit iawgIDwa cniawfis Iaea Inub wsUm
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eguSwr 200 ELuairidcnuhIm iawgEjcaWr ihevid +
70 Wvunwmwh iawgIdWbWa cnuhIm 500 iawgEret
.evetoawbea csevurWhim cSwr wnig eruvcSwa
(cnunemihOb egurwhwawnwv 2000)

cSwmwk iaWkwaIrwTerObel iaWkwaIrwrcbiawl cSwmunidWvwyik cSwlwvelEa
cnwncnuh caemwkWhiruhim csogcnehim iaWn cnurwCIT enESwkea
8 iawgurwTcnes clwvwlEaim inwkea wmwh ?OtcnUncnehea .enEhej
cSwmunidWvwyikWdcaWm 8 .eveSWvwlcawb cSwmwkenEdWvwyik WdcaWm
[ clIscfwt ].....evencnurwCIT 8 enESwkeacSwmwk



iawgumuvulwdcawb ctoa iawgInifcnud Ereguhwvudwnwv 12 iawluj +
egurWkurws incnwa .eveaifiawvog OdugOdug cnwsWpWaeC egIpIDcmea
egudwa cnegiLoawgnwa cnegiawdwh cneLua cnwlWTcawvugwa
iawgEreteguhwvud urwhwa 27 wyid evutEv cnurWkurws
cSwrWkuaws Idiawyik cawtcawtcnwk WviawfWvcaedcSok
caeCcaeaikih cnegibilun cnOb caeCcaea Wyid .eveaifcaokufIruAwt
.PDF [ clIscfwt ]....eveSwmwkIvencnuh cnegiawvwpcaih


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Unofficial Translation of the Presidential Address 2005
27 February 2005


Local News

Influences that can compromise national independence must not be allowed: President - 26 July 2005

Government employees request People?s Majlis members to establish Civil Service Commission
- 26 July 2005

Speaker of Special Majlis requests members not to debate about hadith - 25 July 2005


International Media

France awaits child sex verdicts - July 28, 2005

Pentagon to probe reuse of anonymous quote - July 25, 2005

UN 'to protect children from war'- July 24, 2005




No boundaries can hold us!??? - the satanic dogma on DO

+ Are you conceiving the freedom of religion and the cooperation of Christendom or what?

+ Are we not united??? We Maldivians are Muslims!!! Are you looking for anther unification that Islam?

+ Dear Sons! Can we have a better guidance other than Islam or a better truth than the Qur'an.


-The Paradox of Our Time-

Today, we have taller buildings,
but shorter tempers,

We find more leaders
but few followers,

Build bigger families,
but live in smaller Buildings,

Today, we talk of peace,
but make piece,

We have more degrees,
but less sense,

More noise, and less silence,

Form strong enmities,
but weak friendships,

Today, we talk of human rights
and humanity,

And enjoy the benefits
of technology,

But ignored the neighbors
and went to the moon,

Today's men though tall
have short characters,

Seem smart outward,
but real actors,

We talk too much,
and do too little,

Hate the wine,
but love the bottle,

Today, we enjoy more blessings
but feel no gratitude,

We've more experts
and no novice,

But less solutions
and more problems,

Today, we've mothers
in too high hems,

Wishing their children
to be like gems,

And, today, we want to build
trust but tell lies,

We've cleaned up the air,
but polluted the soul,

Today, we have more planners,
but reach no goal

We have more organizations,
but no management,

We have more knowledge,
but less judgment,

More teachers and more

But no role-models, all lectures,

Today, we have few learners,
though more studies and tours,

More speakers, politicians,
more diplomats, but few doers,

Today, we have shrunk the
world, but divided the mortals,

Earn higher incomes,
but have lower morals,

Today, we've
more qualifications
with less education,

In more profession,
that's why more corruption,

We have more realizations
but initiate no correction,

We do more sins,
but attempt no redemption,

Today, we've wider freeways,
but narrower minds
and viewpoints,

Beauty-conscious we are today,
but unhealthy gents!

Today, we've too many
magazines full of gossip,
but about this, who writes?

Today, we enjoy more
conveniences, but have
less time,

Isn't this enough
paradox of our time?

But who's there to guess.

Why with more medicine,
less wellness,

Why multiply possessions,
but reduce values,

To those who know,
I leave, to properly deduce.

These, the paradox of our time
we so reduce.

- Mohamed Umar -



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